• How important is the security of the mobile application?

    30 March 2017

    Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet, which provides a wide range of options for entertainment and business. In this regard, individuals and organizations, in order to reliably support their business initiatives, install mobile applications on their devices.

  • How to increase the business profitability using mobile technology?

    30 November 2016

    Starting your own business is a complex process. And even after you have done that, there still remains the main issue - increasing its profitability. This step requires effective business solutions and continuous innovation. Today, basic measures to reduce the cost of services or revising company activities are not enough.

  • Modern designs of applications

    20 December 2016

    The modern life is hard to imagine without a smartphone. It gives instant access to any information necessary. Mobile apps give users infinite possibilities in everyday tasks anytime, anywhere.