How important is the security of the mobile application?

Friday, March 31, 2017

How important is the security of the mobile application?

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet, which provides a wide range of options for entertainment and business. In this regard, individuals and organizations, in order to reliably support their business initiatives, install mobile applications on their devices.

Vulnerability of mobile applications

The number of people who use mobile applications is growing every day. Mobile applications are especially popular in the field of business, due to the fact that they are able to significantly expand customer base and simplify the management of the company. In this regard, there is an urgent need to protect applications from all sorts of hackers who are able to interfere with the smooth operation of all business processes of organizations.

With the increasing popularity of mobile apps their capital capacity increases as well. Therefore, the interest of fraudsters to transfer all financial components of a company to their own accounts grows substantially. So many ways of hacking and pulling money out of mobile devices are appearing that the safety measures issue today is the most important one.

Most modern mobile programs envisage the implementation of internal purchases or sending SMS messages to paid numbers. This gives loopholes for hackers, who do not lose the opportunity to reveal the personal data of clients and companies for their further self-serving purposes.

Mobile applications security

Every year new application hacking algorithms appear that allow fraudsters capture important information or money capital. Because of this, there arises a problem with important business applications, where database hacking leads a company to huge financial losses.

Today, applications are custom made and are developed in a rather limited period of time. Therefore, developers do not care enough about application security if it is not mandatory, so these applications are often subjected to typical threats due to the presence of such functionality:

  1. cross-site scripting;
  2. implementation of SQL-operators;
  3. poor cryptography;
  4. questionable information transfer channels;
  5. presence of debugging code.

In this regard it is desirable to qualitatively encrypt any data, always have the possibility of clearing information in databases remotely and analyze the security of the application on a mandatory basis. This will help preventing the misappropriation of valuable information or finances.

Modern anti-virus software helps to minimize the risk, but all the same security should be implemented at every stage of application creation, including the development and distribution. Only a comprehensive approach can ensure the integrity of critical company data and safe application use.