How much time is spent on the development of mobile applications?

Friday, March 10, 2017

How much time is spent on the development of mobile applications?

The development of a high quality mobile application, which will be profitable to its owner and will assist its users in some process, despite of a popular belief, cannot be done in a short time. A competent app is created by the work of a team of specialists, each of which develops a separate stage.

In this regard the time it takes to create a single application can be quite long, but at the end a customer will receive a professionally made application that can compete with other similar ones.

Stages of creating a mobile application

Application development is a complex technical process that requires attention to every detail. Therefore, developers create a special scheme, which forms the workflow. It includes the following stages:

creation of a detailed project requirements document (PRD), which will indicate the customer's wishes with respect to the specificity and the basic application idea, interface design, user interface language and programming language;
time and cost required to develop the application are estimated based on the PRD;
planning of the application functionality, architecture and defining the structure and placement of buttons and switches;
creation of a detailed scenario of application workflow taking into account all functionality that will be implemented;
interface design, which includes a color and style model, usage of original graphics and animation;
detailed rendering of each application screen detailing the buttons, icons, images, text, etc.;
layout of all application elements, "packaging" application into the framework of the platform for which this application is designed;
thorough application testing;
application launch on the platform store.

Application creation time
As you can see, the creation of an application takes a long time, if to take into account the number of development stages. The better the application, the longer it will be created. Developing a single application from scratch can take anywhere from one month to one year.

It all depends on the number of implemented functions and the complexity of the application. Also, identification of bugs, which could lead to application failure, and testing are taken into account.

When ordering an application, you must understand that the time required to create it will be directly related to the quality of an application that you will get. Therefore, in this case it is better not to hurry and become the owner of a really well designed app that can compete with many similar programs.