How often should we change the design of the site?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How often should we change the design of the site?

As you know, you are judged by appearance at first, and the same way people judge your organization – by your website and its design. The design, that was chosen correctly, serves as a mirror of individual style; it separates your company from others.

But even the most attractive design will become stale as time goes by and become less relevant for users. We advise you to change the design and functionality of your website every few years. This is a sign, that you develop your company; it means you deserve to be raised to the top.

In what cases you need to redesign the website?

 - If you have an internet-shop and you need to increase your stock;
 - If you add new features;
 - If your website became not relevant for users;
 - If you have a bad attendance of the website;
 - If you need to make a mobile version of the website;
 - If you need to add a new trends;
 - Always remember that website redesign can have different consequences!

Website redesign is not strictly necessary. You should do it just when feel to. If you enjoy how your website works, you don`t need to do anything.

But remember, that, when redesigning your website, you should rely only on professionals with good experience in this field!