How to attract customers using a mobile app?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How to attract customers using a mobile app?

Expediency of using mobile applications when expanding customer base

Knowing that each person viewing the mobile application is a potential customer, many large companies and brands have adopted such applications, and turned them into effective tools for the development of their own business.

Mobile commerce is now at the peak of its popularity, and the fact that each person spends time every day with their phone or tablet leads to the idea of making the owner of such modern gadget a real client.

Through the use of modern technology such as mobile application you can tell a large number of people about products and services that your company provides. This allows you to avoid strict territorial frames and disseminate information about the product or service across the country or even the world.

This is especially true about companies that produce exclusive products. But even in small business it is possible to rapidly increase the number of customers with proper use of new technologies.

Effective methods to attract customers

Mobile applications are very convenient to use. But just developing such application to promote your brand or service is not enough. You must also fill up a stable customer base by gradually attracting new customers.
So, in order to effectively attract the largest possible number of customers, it is important to follow a certain structure, which was tested by time and hundreds of successful companies.
1. Event newsletters. There are event-related, congratulatory and gift notifications that are best for attracting new customers and not letting out of sight the existing ones; such newsletters should be arranged at least twice a month, with inserting any thematic "catchy" phrase into the text of the push notification, which is able to immediately attract person's attention, prompting to further study the proposal.
2. Promotions. Ensuring special service conditions for a customer helps increasing the customer base, for example, providing a discount when a customer orders any product or service through the mobile program.
3. Regular updates for comfortable use.
4. Attraction of other companies. By providing additional services related to your industry, you will be able to increase the popularity of your application and gain more customers.
Thus, applying and adapting the proposed methods for yourself, it is possible to fill up a new customer base in no time and contribute to ensure their interaction with the brand or company wherever you are.