Is it worth making a mobile application for a gym?

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Making a gym application

Gyms and other institutions for sports and recreational activities are gaining more and more popularity. Every manager knows that information technologies have a special place in the management and resolution of accounting tasks. They are able to automate the activities of the organization, for example:

interaction with customers;

personnel management;

work with subscriptions or cards;

keeping records of goods, services, etc.

However, such work is laborious, it requires a lot of attention and a large staff. So introduction of mobile technology is successful when it is not only automating the work, but also to making it easier, faster and more accessible. The functionality and flexibility of mobile applications is at a very high level, that contributes to the development of a gym.

Key features and individual advantages of a mobile application

1. Creation of a unified information database:  all data about visitors is structured and stored in a single database, which eliminates the loss of valuable materials; all information is available at any time and does not require a long search.

2. The ability to quickly transmit information via SMS eliminates the need for calling employees or constant meetings, staff can be notified with one touch. A calendar for important dates or birthdays with integrated alert system is also provided.

3. Increased speed of service: quick system search, automated check-ins, etc.

4. Availability of electronic log – employees can add necessary records and keep a table of visits.

5. Remote control is a major advantage for a manager, when there is no possibility of direct observation. View reports, statistics, records and other information is available regardless of time or location.

6. Simple and intuitive interface allows quick staff training and putting new employees in the course of activities.

7. Rapid information receiving means that the system can automatically calculate subscriptions, hours of work, number of visitors, lists of debtors, etc. 

8. Reducing management costs.

For an owner:

direct accounting and control over the funds;

possibility of continuous viewing of attendance statistics;

evaluation of the profitability of the gym;

planning and optimizing of the institution activities.

For a manager:

continuous record of subscriptions, employees or visits;

receiving reports.

For a gym instructor:

comfortable planning of group classes;

logging customer visits.