Mobile applications for beauty salon

Friday, March 10, 2017

Mobile applications for beauty salon

The modern pace of life in big cities is associated with constant hustle and bustle. Many of us are used to solve several problems at once on the run, using the achievements of mobile technologies since the existence of the Internet provides a good opportunity to be always online, make purchases, and even create applications for owners of various establishments.

Mobile application for the beauty salon will enable customers to know the prices of services, see the works of the masters, read reviews from other people about the level of service in a particular institution and also to make an appointment. With the application, you can lay out all details about the services provided and specify the masters’ schedule.

Thanks to the mobile application, you can communicate with customers through push-notifications, inform about salon’s promotions and special offers. And customers can easily contact you via e-mail or direct call through the application.

Advantages of application for beauty salons

These are the advantages of administrating a beauty salon application:

simple edit and management;
ability to send an unlimited number of push-notifications to customers;
ability to configure scheduler for push-notifications;
ability to add any graphical or text information;
statistics of use analysis;
simple control of menu and special offers;
ability to track customer activity;
ability to view orders;
ability to provide a catalog with a full list of services and their prices to customers;
ability to display contact information and address of a beauty salon with a route to it;
ability to provide masters’ portfolio and pictures of a beauty salon;
ability to monitor feedback and rating;
ability to implement customer base;
ability to publish beauty salon’s news or articles about health and beauty;
integration with all known social networks, based on word of mouth marketing.

The mobile app will help to increase attendance of a beauty salon, relieve pressure from consultants, who take orders at the reception, as well as to increase the trust and loyalty of customers.

Stages of development of a mobile application for beauty salons

Application development consists of several stages. Firstly, business analytics conduct business-examination, which includes the collection and analysis of information about the target audience, market and competitors. They also examine and compare other applications on the market, their advantages and disadvantages, read customer reviews about them. All of this is needed in order for a beauty salon application to be the most useful and popular. Then, developers and designers move to prototyping and design drawing.
The cost of mobile application for beauty salon depends on such factors as:
Functional complexity.
Selection of one or more platforms. 
With this application, customers can easily make an appointment for a procedure, being previously acquainted with prices, and knowing the route to beauty salon, a customer will find it with no problem.