Modern designs of applications

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Modern designs of applications

The modern life is hard to imagine without a smartphone. It gives instant access to any information necessary. Mobile apps give users infinite possibilities in everyday tasks anytime, anywhere.

Taking into consideration the fact that the possibilities of mobile devices are expanding every day and the competition of mobile applications from various developers is heating up, the popularity of a particular application depends on its design and function.

Trends in mobile application design are diverse, many developers are copying interfaces of popular programs, adopting familiar styles and techniques. It is not considered as something bad at the moment, however, the principles of modern design are to be respected, because otherwise the application will not be successful.

Modern trends in mobile application design

There are several trends in the design of mobile interfaces that are now at the peak of their popularity. These elements will help you to draw attention to the application to ensure its popularity. Among them are:
- Usage of flat design with light tones. The abundance of graphics is inappropriate now. Light colors allow to fully concentrate on the content – nothing distracts the eye from a simple interface. Such flat, concise and at the same time elegant design is now introduced in many popular applications;
- Usage of one font. Designers are increasingly resort to the use of only one original font and highlighting certain information only by using larger text size. It is easier for users to work with text and search for information;
- Grouping individual pieces of information with the use of “white space”. Previously, particular information in the application was bound by delimiters. Now, creators are trying to group information in separate blocks, leaving free space between them, the so-called “white space”. This allows the application to look more free and spacious.
- Allocation of numbers on the foreground. Users often choose a simple unobtrusive design, so, important information, such as numbers, is allocated with larger size. By using vivid colors for enlarged numbers it is easier to attract user's attention to the most essential info;
- Limited color palette. Designers are trying to structure application design by using a small palette of colors. It looks best when using different shades of same color. This allows the application to stand out and become more memorable;
- Transparent interface buttons. Transparent buttons, without any filling with a thin stroke look very stylish and attractive.

Impact on popularity

By ordering an application from professional developers, a customer expects that, in the first place, his application would be popular among users. Therefore, designers are required to follow the modern trends while making the application interface. Knowing the users preferences and making a proper design based on them, one can maximize the popularity of the developed application to ensure its commercial success and bring additional profit and advertising to a customer.