Should you make a mobile application for a taxi service?

Monday, January 2, 2017

Should you make a mobile application for a taxi service?

The inhabitants of huge metropolises, with intense traffic and limited parking spaces, prefer not to buy their own car, but use a taxi service instead.

The time, when a mobile phone was just a mean of communication, has long passed. The introduction of various multi-functional applications becomes more active. It means more effective work for companies and agencies, and fast, round-the-clock access for customers. Thus it is not surprising that taxi services create and successfully use such technologies.

What is better: mobile applications or regular calls?

Let us consider a number of advantages of using a mobile application for the client:

fast connection without the need to spend time waitinwg and re-calling;

instantaneous response from drivers;

no intermediator in the conversation, therefore, a more comfortable and operative ordering;

automatic detection of the client's location;

silent mode: ability to order in 2-3 touches, if there’s no possibility to call or speak loudly;

full access to information about the route, order cost and car, that should arrive (excludes the necessity of asking the dispatcher);

ability to choose a car and special features: economy, comfort, business, child car seat, increased number of seats etc.;

ability to track the order status;

convenient form of payment: in cash or by credit card;

no language problems: foreigners can choose the necessary language in settings, and people with speech disorder can make orders seamlessly;

ability to leave a comment about the order;

user-friendly interface and ease of use.

Why mobile applications are convenient for taxi services?

new source of orders;

access to a wider customer base;

automation and order processing speed increase: application allows to relieve phone lines and dispatchers can receive more orders by phones; 

cost optimization: number of received orders is growing and dispatcher salary costs are reduced;

individuality: distinctive interface or color solution helps increasing the popularity of the application and the taxi service;

company image growth.

What are the advantages for taxi drivers?

constant access;

the usage of additional means of communication - radio, phone and navigation - is excluded:  all functions are gathered in one application;

integrated taximeter;

ability to search and receive orders fast.

Availability of the mobile application for the customer is an indicator of a successful and progressive company, and automation and profit for taxi service. Therefore, the development and implementation of mobile applications in this field is a correct and prudent course for each company.