Top 10 reasons of creation a mobile application

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Top 10 reasons of creation a mobile application

     Modern technologies are developing so rapidly, that Internet advertising for the implementation of your products or services is not enough. Opening the browser page, you can find everything you want, so it is very difficult to stand out among other similar proposals. Therefore, you need to figure out a way to be at hand for any user at the right time.

1.Convenience for everyone

     Nowadays smart phones occupy a large part of our lives, and this is not only SMS, calls or listening to music, but also mobile applications ranging from games to complex software products that make life easier for everyone. That is why knowledgeable businessmen rely on mobile apps, as there are many reasons to create them.

2. Increasing sales

     One of the main reasons for creating a mobile application is the desire to increase sales. And mobile applications will cope with it very quickly, as it is the best way to retain and attract customers. For example, only by means of push-notifications, which inform the customer about promotions, discounts or bonuses, you will be able to motivate the customer to buy. In this case the target audience can be selected according to certain specified search criteria (a certain city, time or within a radius of your shop or office).

3. Making yourself popular

     By developing your own mobile app, you make your business recognizable. Functionality and usability will contribute to the so-called "word-of-mouth advertising", where the application will be rated and advised to others. As a result, you get brand recognition and gain new customers, which is an effective advertising.

4. Analyze and act

     The basis of effective marketing is analytics. The app will allow gathering information about what customers buy, how the finances are spent, etc. in real time.

5. Conducting marketing research

     Using the application you will be able to check the sales activity, information on bestsellers, etc. This will allow understanding where you need to reduce prices, create special offers, loyalty cards to encourage more sales, generate an individual approach to each client. The view history will give an opportunity to send advertising for specific products or services that might be interesting to the client.

6. Optimizing business process

     Solving business problems during the process of management, control, logistics, etc., using mobile application allows increasing efficiency and performance, while saving finances.

7. Improving customer service quality

     Using the application, you will be able to offer potential customers more services, for example, mobile banking allows them to not only manage their finances, but also to buy a plane ticket, call a taxi or order food. As a result, you get a great tool to increase the loyalty of your clients.

8. Another possibility to increase loyalty

     Discounts, special offers and bonuses allow you to save by increasing the number of potential buyers, fans of certain brands, who will appreciate all the advantages of the application.

9. Keeping in touch with clients

     Communicating with your customers is the main component of any business. With the mobile application, you get ratings, reviews, comments, and the application propagation with the help of social sharing.

10. Saving on advertising wisely

     The app allows you to communicate with the audience around the clock, constantly maintaining their interest. The result is a powerful advertising campaign with a high efficiency and low cost.