• Mobile applications for beauty salon

    10 March 2017

    The modern pace of life in big cities is associated with constant hustle and bustle. Many of us are used to solve several problems at once on the run, using the achievements of mobile technologies since the existence of the Internet provides a good opportunity to be always online, make purchases, and even create applications for owners of various establishments.

  • Is it worth making a mobile application for a gym?

    7 January 2017

    Gyms and other institutions for sports and recreational activities are gaining more and more popularity. Every manager knows that information technologies have a special place in the management and resolution of accounting tasks.

  • How to attract customers using a mobile app?

    4 January 2017

    Due to the constant improvement of modern gadgets, they are spreading at a record pace. Today, almost every second inhabitant of our planet has a smartphone or a tablet connected to the Internet. The average person spends at least half an hour per day interacting with his gadgets, with most of the time being spent on browsing mobile applications.