• Should you make a mobile application for a taxi service?

    2 January 2017

    The time, when a mobile phone was just a mean of communication, has long passed. The introduction of various multi-functional applications becomes more active. It means more effective work for companies, and fast, round-the-clock access for customers. Thus it is not surprising that taxi services create and successfully use such technologies.

  • Should you redesign a mobile application

    27 December 2016

    In this age of information technology almost every person has his own smartphone or tablet, ideal companions for which are various mobile applications that allow to keep pace with the time.

  • Is it worth complementing your website with a mobile application?

    25 December 2016

    In our age of rapid technology development, almost every person owns a smartphone or a tablet, thanks to which there are many new opportunities. Now, in order to view a website, you do not need to be present at a personal computer, because you can look into the boundless world of the Internet using a tablet or a smartphone that fits your pocket.